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“Impossible is nothing.”

– Muhammad Ali

Outdoor Bootcamps

Love training outdoors?
Enjoy having fun in a social situation?
If so, then Get Going Bootcamps are the place for you!

  • Designed for groups of 7+
  • Functional training using a range of equipment
  • Suitable for all levels of fitness

Whatever your goal may be, we will help you get there.

Corporate Camps

Is your workplace lacking in energy?
Are you looking for a perfect team building exercise to spring your team into life?

If so, Get Going Corporate Camps are suitable for you and your team!

Our goal is to create a healthy and happy workplace for your business.
Fitness and health is a key ingredient for brain function, which increases productivity and energy for any individual.

With just 2x 45 minute sessions per week, you can change the dynamics of your team.

Every participant in our Bootcamp groups receive access to nutrition and training programs, this will ensure you get the best results possible.