Step One

Where & How

Our “where and how” session is designed to find out exactly WHERE you are at, WHERE you want to go and HOW we are going to get there. Our goal is find your WHY. We believe it is extremely important to get to the root of your inspiration in order for you to sustain the changes you’re making.

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Personal training & nutrition
Step Two

Nutrition & Lifestyle

Your nutritional & lifestyle choices are of vital importance when it comes to hitting your goals. Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain or performance – nutrition is key. We help you understand what is required so that you can implement it into your lifestyle for good. Have you ever decided to make a sudden decision to drastically change your diet, only to completely trash the idea a week later? This is what we want to avoid. We will help you make the small habitual changes you will need, to create the sustainable long term change you’re looking for.

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Step Three

Training & Support

Do you think an online program built for “Everyone” is going to be right for you and your goals? Neither do we. This is why we get an understanding of your goals, current level of fitness and body composition. This is so that we can build YOU a program that is right for YOU. Sustainable change is what we are about. Making a change that lasts and finding a program that you enjoy, is what will get you results. Once you have reached your goals, maintenance is just as important.

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