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Hit Those Goals with a Personalised Fitness Plan

Almost everyone we speak to that is struggling to hit their fitness goals say the same thing. They don’t have time to focus on their health. Their lives are full with work and family duties.

That’s all about to change. This is an excuse-free zone – and it’s closer than you think.

Get Going provides mobile personal training to Prahran, Armadale, Malvern and southeast Melbourne. We come to YOU at your CONVENIENCE, so your health can be a priority again.

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Sustainable Exercise & Nutrition Plans

Get a Plan You Will Love Sticking To

Get Going is different because we provide a team of dedicated mobile trainers that rally around you.

We create a customised plan that won’t make you lose focus and fall off. We pass on our enthusiasm to you and instil a new love for exercise.

While other trainers focus on quick fixes and trendy diets, we know that sustainability is the best approach. So, we fit training around your schedule and come to your home, so you get access to effective personal training in your Armadale, Prahran or Malvern home.

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A Lifestyle Plan Tailored to You

Your Lifestyle. Your Goals. Your Plan.

Generic workout plans don’t lead to lasting results. A plateau can cause people to lose interest in their goals and want to give up.

We provide mobile personal training to you, in Prahran and the rest of the southeast suburbs. We get started by getting to know YOU.

Then, when we have full insights into when you can fit in your at-home workouts and what you want to achieve, we create the plan that gets you there.

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Select your Training Style

An Exciting Variety of High-energy Activities

How do you want to transform?

Our expert trainers offer the hugely popular one-one-on personal training in Armadale and around Melbourne.

Prefer to work out with others? If the encouragement of friends and family gets you pumped, choose our couples training or group fitness boot camp options!

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Support on Your Journey

Get Going Never Lets You Down

We’re there to hold you accountable for your new healthy habits. And, should you need us, we’re available for advice 24/7.

This means you get your very own dedicated SUPPORT TEAM that cares about your goals as much as you do.

As the only mobile personal training in Malvern and across southeast that offers such a personalised service, now you can change your life at YOUR CONVENIENCE.

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