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Get a Personalised Fitness Plan that Makes a Difference

Too busy to go to a gym? Daily schedule taken up by work or kids? We get it. We also get that you want to switch things up and work towards a long-term transformation goal.

Lose the excuses and Get Going today.

For personal training across South Yarra, Hawthorn, Toorak & the rest of Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, START RIGHT HERE.

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Personal training & nutrition

Ready for a change?

Our personal trainers are here for you – and we’re Ready to Go

If you’re ready to make a change, what you need is a dedicated team around you. Get Going brings the right tools, attitude and world-class personal trainers to you.

Sustainability is KEY, which is why we refuse to offer quick-fixes or diet fads. Instead, we come to you and we are committed to making sure you reach your goals.

Our guarantees make us the best in personal training for Hawthorn and the rest of Melbourne. Based in the southeast suburbs, Melbourne CBD or further afield? Wherever you are, now you can work out from the comfort of your own home. Our personal trainers come to you, wherever you are in Toorak, Hawthorn or beyond.

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A Tailored Plan that Works

No Generic Workout Plans. No Crowded Gyms

We customise your workouts to YOU. Based on your health, lifestyle and goals, our fitness and nutrition experts can devise a long-term plan that WORKS.

Whether it’s jogging through St James Park or cycling down Glenferrie Road, everyone gets results in their own way. Prefer one-on-one personal training in your Kew, Hawthorn or Toorak home? We can make that happen within 6 days of you signing up.

If you enjoy group workouts for the extra encouragement, our group and corporate fitness plans are ideal for you.

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Our Processes & Promise

We Do Things Differently, So You Get Better Results

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If you’ve tried training at gyms and you’ve attempted to diet, but you’re just not seeing results, that’s all about to change.

Our processes are tried-and-tested. They begin with getting to know you and your goals, to discover WHY you want to reach them. We show you how to incorporate changes into your life, so they become a habit, rather than a chore. Most of our clients even learn to love working out!

Our personal trainers in East Melbourne will create workouts customised around you and your unique goals, health, and fitness levels. No more endlessly wandering around a gym: just FOCUSED plans and CONTINUED SUPPORT. 

Your Own Team

Want Access to a 24/7 Support Team?

We stick with you as you advance towards your goals.

For personal training in Toorak, South Yarra and the rest of Melbourne that will never let you down, Get Going.

We’re bringing convenience, dedication and ongoing support to your workouts – and that’s something you don’t get with other trainers or gyms. With workouts that make you feel comfortable, assured and secure, book with our top personal trainers in East Melbourne and Get Going at a time that fits in with your busy schedule.

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