Transform TOGETHER

Help Your Partner Reach their Goals, While You Reach Yours

When you’re embarking on a fitness journey, it’s important that your partner is on-board.

Mutually support each other and take on the challenge TOGETHER. When you get access to the best couples training Melbourne has to offer, you’ll grow as individuals and as a couple.

Spend a little extra time together while improving your health and fitness.

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A Tailored, Sustainable Plan

Build Each Other Up with a Plan You Both Love

It’s only natural that one person in your relationship is more active than the other.

You both have work and family commitments, and you feel that fitting in workouts every week has become impossible.

That’s where Get Going comes in.

Our couples training in Melbourne works to dispel your doubts. Now, you can encourage each other to work towards a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Because we come to YOU at a time that suits YOUR schedule, you’ll never have an excuse to forget to focus on your health.

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Get Going Together

No More Generic Workouts in Crowded Gyms

Get Going provides a couple fitness trainer to your Melbourne home. Avoid crowded gyms and only exercise with the people you love.

We also get to know you as the individuals you are, so there’s no more following generic workouts and wondering when the results will begin to show.

We uncover where your current fitness levels sit and where you WANT to be. Then, we devise a plan to get you there.

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Couples training Melbourne
The best couples training in Melbourne

Continued Support from Your Couple Fitness Trainer

& Continued Support from Your Partner

Imagine an unfaltering support system from a network of dedicated personal trainers.

We’re there to hold you accountable, to make sure you stick to your customised exercise and nutrition plans.

The best couples training in Melbourne is there for you 24/7. We’re available on the phone whenever you need us, because we care about your goals just as much as you do.

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Two-on-one Personal Training

Start Now & Never Stop

The secret to sustainable fitness is to follow a lifestyle plan that you enjoy.

Whether you want to work out with your spouse, sibling or friend, two-on-one personal training from Get Going is GUARANTEED to lead to the results you both want.

We want to Get Going while your enthusiasm is high. So, enquire about our couple fitness training in Melbourne NOW and we’ll get you started within 6 days.

No more excuses. Just a long-term plan for you and your partner.

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Couple fitness trainers Melbourne

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