Green tea is not just for older people and hipsters. It’s something that China and India have been using for hundreds of years, for everything! From relieving cold symptoms to insect repellant.

To give you an idea of just how great Green Tea is for your body, here’s the nutritional value of 100ml of green tea:

  • Calories 2

  • Total Fat 0 g

  • Calories from Fat 0

  • Monounsaturated Fat 0 g

  • Saturated Fat 0 g

  • Cholesterol 0 mg

  • Potassium 27 mg

  • Trans Fat 0 g

  • Magnesium 2 mg

  • Polyunsaturated Fat 0 g

  • Sodium 3 mg

  • Vitamin C 6 mg

  • Total Carbohydrate 2 g

  • Dietary Fiber 0 g

  • Sugars 0 g

  • Protein 2 g

  • Folic Acid (Folate) 16 g

  • Calcium 3 mg

  • Iron 2 mg

  • Riboflavin (B2) 05 mg

  • Manganese 31 mg

  • Vitamin B6 01 mg

Green Tea can help narrow your chances of developing diabetes. It contains polyphenols that enable your arteries to widen. The same polyphenols also assist in the lowering of cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

The Vitamin C, E, zeaxanthin and lutein in Green tea has the ability to enhance the tissue in your eyes. Decreasing your chances of contracting eye diseases.

Are your muscles and joints sore after a big PT session?  Have a cuppa! Green tea is well known as being a strong antioxidant, and that’s because it’s full of catechins! Antioxidants are a natural anti-inflammatory, and therefore they help your body attack inflammation.

To lower your cholesterol you should… you guessed it! Drink green tea! The antioxidants never stop giving!

If you suffer from IBS you may be pleased to know that the anti-inflammatories from Green Tea can help!

As well as being a natural anti-inflammatory, green tea is also a natural anti-bacterial solution. Help your body get rid of harmful bacteria by drinking no more than two cups of green tea, a day (that’s the recommended amount).

BONUS – The anti-bacteria in Green Tea helps kill bad breath!

Alzheimer’s is believed to be caused by a plaque formation called beta-amyloid. Studies have revealed that Green Tea may have properties that help shield your brain from this evil plaque.

Similarly, the effects of Parkinson’s Disease may be slowed as Green Tea helps boost neuroprotection in the brain.

On top of all of these AMAZING benefits, Green Tea also help shade your skin from harmful UV rays, rejuvenates skin, helps burn fat, has proven positive effects on those suffering from depression and anxiety, stimulates the mind and concentration and much, much more!

What are you waiting for? Get sipping on your new favourite thang!

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